Pinarayi vijayan. Kerala CM is the worst in India. He is a failure. It is evident by the way he carried forward his communist agenda at Sabarimala.

Don’t know if some one is from MP (Madhya Pradesh). I am born and brought up in MP. spent some 22Y of my life till I get educated and moved to other state to look out for job opportunity.During my school days, I do not want to go to UP/ Rajasthan to my relatives since roads/ power situation/ lawlessness was frequent, not to mentioned dirt.

Then comes super super awesome CM who was darling of secular media, Digvijay Singh, in 1993. Between 1993–2003, MPbroken roads filled with potholes even at civil lines area (Administrative areas where collector/ SP/ DM) lives
6–8 hours of power cuts in Grade A cities like Gwalior, Indore, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Raipur (it was in MP then)
Police openly sided with Particular caste of CM
Police takes no action from provocation from particular community of peace
All journalist were bought by giving plots in prime land in major cities
All work in govt offices have defined rates
MP took major hit in cleanliness and almost lost its peaceful character
Fortunately Congress lost election and we get better responsive govt.

His name is Jyoti Basu. However, the blame has to be shared by another character of the CPIM, the one and only Anil Biswas, who was the CPIM State chief for most of Jyoti Basu’s tenure.

Together these people used their talents at coming up and implementing a strategy that crippled West Bengal. Their objective was to be in power for as long as possible, and they had two point agenda to achieve this. You might think only stealing money is corruption. But, I consider this crooked attempts to be glued to power is also corruption. In any case, who knows if he stashed away money in a Swiss bank. He ruled at a time when such scrutiny was much less.