Spa salons offer a combination of beauty and health treatments to detoxify your body, nourish your skin and reduce stress levels. Derived from the Latin term ‘Solus per aqua’ (health through water), spas were initially based around the concept of immersing a body in water mixed with healing herbs to treat illnesses and relieve tension. Today, spas offer many therapies apart from hydrotherapy. To beat the effects of a fast paced life we all live, spas offer the perfect solution.
There is spa in khar west named as Angdai Spa at Le Sutra. They provide Ayurvedic spa and exotic variety of body massages, exfoliation techniques, wraps, clean ups, rituals and hand and feet care.

They have trained professionals to give you a custom spa as per you as per your regime and skin type.

When I first started working at the spa, I filled in as the 2nd massage therapist in couples massages. I was fresh out of school and had the best experience working alongside a seasoned massage therapist. She had over 20 years experience as a successful massage therapist. I let her take the lead, watched and matched her tempo and technique so that the massages would be similar. It was a great learning experience for me that has only been matched by renting a room in a massage school’s clinic.

The other good experience I’ve received from working in a spa is learning through trading massages. My first massage instructor said to the class, “Enjoy school, because you will never again get as many massages, and you will never be receive a massage the same way again.” It’s true for me. I relax and enjoy the massage, but I’m always working - thinking to myself, “Oh hey, I like that technique. I think I’ll try that on my next client.”

The only bad experiences were from creepy clients who thought we were something we were not.