Ram Charan’s VVR Mass Movie Strictly For Single Screen Theatres.

Vinaya Vidheya Rama
Cast: Ram Charan, Kiara Advani, Prasanth, Sneha
Director: Boyapati Srinu

Boyapati Srinu is synonymous with action flicks. He has delivered hits in the past including Legend, Simha and Sarrainodu. Has he managed to give Charan a hit? Well, wait... for, we can't disclose it as yet as there are so many things to discuss. For starters, like we mentioned, Srinu promised that VVR would be a family oriented action flick. There have been movies in the past in which this combination formula has worked. Unfortunately, this seems to have failed in VVR. Curious much? Read on...The film is again based on election and brother sentiment like Rangasthalam. But there's more to the story. The way Srinu builds the plot is interesting but the screenplay is not compelling enough to hold the attention of the audience till the end, at least in multiplexes.

Ram Charan as a deaf Chitti Babu floored even critics in Rangasthalam but here he falls short. But we don't blame him here. He's impressive as an angry young man wanting to protect his family from the clutches of the villain. And he excels in fight sequences. His dialogue delivery too reminds us in some parts of his father Chiranjeevi. But that isn’t enough to make the film a winner. Kiara Advani does her part even though she has nothing much to offer. Vivek makes his presence felt in the screen time he's given as the baddie. It's nice to see Tamil actor Prashanth after a long time. The script however should have been tight as it gives you a deja vu feeling of Boyapati movies. Even though the production values are rich, it may not help the movie's long theatrical run.

Boyapati Sreenu is known for making perfect masala potboilers, but his direction goes awry in this one. He is definitely not at his best while penning the script for VVR. He couldn't write a decent plot around the action scenes. He made sure to have every emotion in the narrative, but none could make an impact due to poor writing and execution.

Devi Sri Prasad's music is mediocre at best. Not even one song is catchy and the background score leaves a lot to be desired. Cinematography is okay and the dialogue could have been better. Editing is clumsy. Production values are grand. The film is made on a high budget in eye catching locations.The story itself is a half baked one without proper character development and strong situations to take it forward. There is a story for the sake of it, which is why Boyapati relies on over the top action to fill the void. As a result, Vinaya Vidheya Rama looks like a nineties action film that defies science and logic in each and every frame. Even the actors gives exaggerated performances in the loud scenes where going over the board is a norm.

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