A firearm won’t get loose, go down the street, and kill your neighbors child or pet. If you don’t need your firearm you can put it in the closet and ignore it. Can’t do that with a dog. You can carry a handgun in your pocket and no one will know you have it. Can’t do that with a dog. You don’t have to take a firearm to the vet or have it put down if it gets too ill.

A fast Internet search will show plenty of videos on news channels of dogs ignoring intruders, accepting treats from them, laying on the couch and watching as the Intruders robbed the house without so much as a care.

Contrary to what most people believe they will not defend your house, at best they will bark and alert you that something is going on as the wrongdoer approaches the house.

Guard dog trainer Mike d'Abruzzo often helps people understand this by arranging to break in and “assault” the owner while the dogs are present.

More often than not the dogs ignore what's going on even as the owners screams and in distress. Some even accepting treats from the burglar. I've owned many dogs over my life span and I know for a fact that only a very small amount of them will defend me and my home as most people would expect.