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Alita: Battle Angel
Cast: Rosa Salazar, Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Connelly
Director: Robert Rodriguez
Rating: 3.5/5

In the span of a couple of months, two of the biggest blockbuster filmmakers of our times – Peter Jackson and James Cameron – have handed over the reins to their long-gestating passion projects to others. While Jackson hired longtime collaborator and first-time director Christian Rivers to helm Mortal Engines, Cameron, who has decided he will only direct Avatar movies from now on, got Robert Rodriguez to spearhead Alita: Battle Angel, a film he came very close to directing himself.

And although the former indie maverick Rodriguez has sort of made it a point never to repeat himself, Alita is unlike anything he has ever done. It has more similarities to Cameron’s films – both technically and story-wise – than the curiously diverse movies Rodriguez has made in his career.

Every penny of Alita’s reported $200 million budget – more than double Rodriguez has ever worked with – is up on the screen. Like most dystopian science-fiction films – Alita is based on a popular manga series – it devotes a large amount of time to setting the table. It is the duty of several characters to spout expositional dialogue that brings the narrative – much like a song-and-dance number in a Bollywood movie – down to a grinding halt.

At the risk of sounding like one of these characters, here’s a gist of the film’s dense plot. Alita is set around 300 years after a war that destroyed most of the world, and created a chasm between the rich and the poor that only increased with time. Large cities, floating in the sky thanks to the marvels of engineering, were created to further intensify these divisions, serving as ivory towers for the oppressed to gaze at with dreams of a better future.

It is a grimy, dirty world populated by a multi-ethnic crowd, where simple chocolate sellers could rub shoulders with elite bounty hunters. What unites most people in this future dystopia, however, is that they’ve all been augmented in some fashion by technology. Everyone has a mechanical arm, or a flashy gizmo for an eye, or a super-powered leg.Salazar is quite phenomenal in the role, bringing great humanity to a character that is, conservatively speaking, 90% robot. Her unflinching optimism and an inbuilt desire to be good is rare in modern blockbusters, which seem to be more fascinated by anti-heroes and grey characters.

Hiring Salazar for the part, along with a strong Latinx supporting cast, was probably Rodriguez’s most important contribution to the film, in addition to the strong allusions to Donald Trump’s politics of division.

Alita is let down, funnily enough, by its biggest draw. James Cameron has always had a great sense of story structure, but is notoriously poor at writing dialogue. A lot of what is spoken in Alita: Battle Angel is as clunky as some of machines.

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