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Dev (2019) Reviews
Cast: Karthi,Rakul Preet Singh,Prakash Raj
Director: Rajath Ravishankar
Rating: 3/5
Dei Machaan Dev is the typical Harris Jayaraj track that you find in every album of his... in a good way. That is, the track has his signature all over it. Be it the gibberish lyrics at the start of a song, to the pulsating beats in the background, this has everything. The term 'Dei Machaan Dev' is a catchphrase that hooks you. Coupled with Vivek's trendy lyrics, this is a sure-shot hit number!

This is another subset under Harris' style, something on the lines of June Ponaal from Unnale Unnale. Still, he manages to make the song refreshing, and peppy. While Christopher and Haricharan clashing to show their mettle upfront, Mahathi's backing vocals are too good to not notice. Overall, this is an unusually familiar number from Harris, that he's gifted us.

Oru Nooru Murai is that kind of a melody that lingers in your mind for a long time even if you listen to it once. This might definitely become one of the best songs of Harris. The magic that Thamarai and Harris create repeatedly leaves us awestruck. Sathyaprakash and Shaktisree complement each other very well. Shakti stands apart with her base voice, and this is a welcome change felt in an album that has a lot of high pitched portions.

This was the first song to be released as a single track. The number is high on energy, and that energy is infectious. Despite the presence of multiple brilliant voices in Haricharan, Arjun Chandy, Tippu, Krish, Bharath Sundar, and Christopher, it is Sharanya Gopinath who seem to dominate the song with the meticulous control of her voice. This is just another beauty from Harris and just another great writing from Thamarai.

SP Balasubhramanyam is a singer who has been entertaining generation after generation since the 1970s. Enga di Pona is a number that makes us turn a blind eye to whatever Harris is doing in the background, and focus solely on SPB. At the end of a song that spans more than 5 minutes, we are left with wanting more from the legend. This is the final track of the album, and SPB effortlessly hits it out of the park with his soothing voice.

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