Sarileru Neekevvaru survey: Mahesh Babu sparkles in careless popcorn charge

Our standard motion pictures are a strong method to measure the state of mind of the day. What's more, on the off chance that you take a gander at the sort of films that have been making boatloads of money in the cinema world, particularly in Bollywood, it is unmistakable that nationalistic enthusiasm is on the ascent. Telugu entertainer Mahesh Babu is the most recent to get on board with of large famous actors who need to look cool while riding the flood of energy. 

Mahesh Babu has assumed the job of Major Ajay in his most recent motion picture Sarileru Neekevvaru. Ajay might be a prepared trooper, yet he's a quintessential enthusiast of Telugu film on a basic level. He carries on like a common Telugu saint, who is specific about his looks and his decisions are driven by hyper-manliness. Likewise, he is everywhere. On odd days, he appears to head a bomb removal squad, and on even days, he drives a squad of infantry into a salvage activity. All things considered, exactness is by all accounts the primary setback of the demonstration of glamorization. 
Sarileru Neekevvaru isn't completely a military motion picture. Be that as it may, the Army background has permitted executive Anil Ravipudi to shoot a couple of scenes in the scenery of pleasant Kashmir and spruce up his hero in armed force exhaustion. Mahesh glances chic in uniform, and that is all the executive needs. Since he knows very well that the star's no-nonsense fans will work themselves into a free for all when they see a formally dressed Mahesh strolling in moderate movement. 

The real story is set in Kurnool in Rayalaseema district, which has been a motivation for various savage Telugu films throughout recent decades. Ajay's squad part Ajay (Satyadev Kancharana) is gravely harmed in the salvage activity, on account of his wildness. Ajay volunteers to be the conveyor of the terrible news for the kinfolk of his partner, who is battling for his life. Ajay lands in Kurnool which is controlled by lawmaker boisterous Nagendra (it is Prakash Raj, obviously). He welcomes himself into the matter of Nagendra, and in this manner the firecrackers start in the scenery of Kondareddy Buruju. 

Anil Ravipudi's motion picture is overflowing with issues. Particularly, the manner in which he has composed the character of Rashmika Mandanna. She assumes the job of a urgent young lady, who is apparently prepared to steal away with any individual who looks marginally superior to anything the jokester chose by her dad. What's more, when she chances upon Ajay, she starts to bother him. She goes to the degree of blaming Ajay for assault to convince him to wed her. This kind of treatment of the "main woman" right now age is exceptionally sub-par, backward and cringeworthy. To put it like Ajay, Anil garu update aavali kaada. 

Simultaneously, Anil additionally realizes how to have a great time while making a film, and that has interpreted on the big screen. It was a help to see Mahesh Babu extricate up and move more muscles while playing out this time. He consistently switches between comic talk and genuine punchlines. What's more, that is a major in addition to for the motion picture. He has an effect in parts in the second half with his long monologs. 

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Sarileru Neekevvaru is about man, manliness and masculinity. Anil Ravipudi proudly builds up that being forceful is the key nature of a "total man." However, he has been sensible with regards to the treatment of energy. It truly hits home, when Ajay requests that regular people carry on capably in the public eye to respect the penances that our officers make to ensure them at the fringe

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