Entertainer Nithiin enjoyed a year's reprieve after three of his movies fizzled in the cinema world before coming back with Bheeshma. Venky Kudumula looks to proceed with the pattern after his effective introduction film, Chalo. Top music executive Mani Sharma's child Mahati Sagar gives the music to the film which has Rashmika Mandanna in the female lead. 

Bheeshma (Nithiin) is a school dropout and image maker. He succumbs to Chaitra (Rashmika Mandanna), who is working in Bheeshma Organics that is controlled by an individual named Bheeshma (Ananth Nag). Attempting to dazzle her, he arrives in a circumstance where he turns into the CEO of Bheeshma Organics for 30 days. In the event that he demonstrates his value, he will end up being the full-time CEO. That makes way for the story to disentangle. 

As observed in Chalo, Venky Kudumula's quality is his composition. In Bheeshma, he packs into his silly and engaging bundle, a social message on natural cultivating. In this, apparently Kudumula is following the executive Koratala Siva model. 
Kudumula has said a couple of times prior that he is a major devotee of Trivikram Srinivas, and one can see a few scenes and discoursed that are the trademark of his deity. The film begins regularly, however gets force when Rashmika enters. There are a couple of clever scenes among Nithiin and Sampath in the main half, and a lot more in the subsequent half. 

There are a lot of jokes which show how great Kudumula is at composing. There are a couple of dull minutes, yet the chief quickly catches up with a parody scene. The film is set apart by clean amusing scenes, turns of phrase and a decent sentimental string. These are sufficient to occupy the watcher from the story or the rationale. 

Nithiin has made an incredible showing, particularly in the parody scenes. After three failures, it appears he has realized what he missed and has the correct stage with Bheeshma. The science among him and Rashmika functions admirably. 

This is another acceptable job for Rashmika. She is enthusiastic and her sentimental scenes with Nithiin have come out well. She likewise demonstrates that she is a decent artist. Kannada veteran Ananth Nag is impeccable as the senior Bheeshma and his exhibition is exceptionally stately. His essence loans weight to the film. 

The large amazement is Sampath, who shows his comic side just because. Vennela Kishore gives a couple of chuckles, Brahmaji, Raghu Babu and Naresh bolster well. Jisshu Sen Gupta of Ashwathama popularity makes an imprint as the baddie. 

Mahathi Sagar's music is acceptable and two melodies stick out. They are shot in a perfect way. Cinematography by Sai Sriram is fantastic. The exchanges by Venky are engaging. Bheeshma is a perfect, fun, amusement, timepass film. The storyline is slight and unsurprising, yet the satire conceals for it. Bheeshma offers Nithiin the truly necessary reprieve, because of executive Venky Kudumula who has without a doubt scored his second consecutive achievement.