It wavers among dream and reality, fiction and true to life, and an inspiring depiction of sentiment and not understanding anything about it by any means. Another method for perusing the film is the story emerges from a contention between a lady, who doesn't comprehend anything about a temporarily uncooperative mind, and a man, who is neglectful of the feelings of his accomplice. Or on the other hand perhaps, it is the narrative of a visionary, who needs more opportunity to discover his spirit, yet life continues tossing lemons at him. Or on the other hand could this be about a man, who is attempting to make sense of his life through the tales he composes? World Famous Lover has hints of every one of these components. The invention rattles you since it simply doesn't have the foggiest idea how to construct a solid clash between the two lead characters. 

The film follows the lives of Gautham (Deverakonda) and Yamini (Khanna), who are in a live-in relationship. Gautham, we are told, has taken a break from his corporate activity to wrap up a book, yet Yamini develops anxious that he has not conveyed on his guarantees considerably following a year. She accepts he has no center, is lost in his own reality, and is completely unempathetic to her sentiments. At the point when the two fight over these issues, it shows Gautham a way to find his voice, and demonstrate to Yamini he is as yet a similar individual who she became hopelessly enamored with. 

World Famous Lover is much increasingly agreeable when you watch it as Gautham's continuous flow since he as often as possible breaks the fourth divider, and converses with us about his life, his concept of sentiment, and his conviction framework. In any case, it is never clear why he doesn't impart any of this to Yamini. At the point when she discloses to him that he isn't a similar individual any longer, he will not acknowledge her contention, and doesn't attempt to reveal to her he has just composed a considerable amount. It is difficult to realize what he has composed yet thinking about that his first work was a verifiable book dependent on financial aspects, we are compelled to persuade ourselves he is battling to discover his voice so as to compose fiction. In any case, that is not really the essence of the inward clash Gautham faces. 
Truly he is totally confounded, and has no clue what Yamini attempts to let him know. At the point when she separates, saying that he has demolished her life, he accepts it as a test to demonstrate he can compose well. This gorge between what she anticipates from him and what he comprehends is reliable all through the film. It barely gives us extension to sympathize with the truth of Gautham and Yamini. Their existence is appallingly exhausting however then Kranthi Madhav, the executive and author of the story, makes up with a wonderful dream. That makes it even more hard to discount World Famous Lover totally. 

In Madhav's form of imagination, Gautham transforms into Seenayya, a coal-mineshaft specialist, who is hitched to Suvarna (Aishwarya Rajesh). The two scarcely observe each other eye-to-eye yet Suvarna adores him unequivocally, in any event, when he begins playing with an official (Catherine Tresa) in his organization. This section in World Famous Lover is so flawlessly shot and composed, aside from staggering exhibitions by both Aishwarya and Deverakonda, it makes you wonder if this is the genuine romantic tale which Kranthi Madhav needed to tell.