Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 30th December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

In front room, Ashwini strolls to Pakhi and asks where was she, in the event that she arranged tea or not. Bhavani shouts that she should look through her bahu Sayi rather than Pakhi. Karishma with Saloni brings tea. Bhavani says she will hang tight for Virat here and will address him once he descends. Karishma educates that Virat is occupied and is going with Sayi for her confirmation cycle. Ninad shouts that Virat isn't tuning in to them at all and they require to talk. Virat strolls down with Sayi. Bhavani requests that he take Pakhi to armed force central command as she got letter to guarantee Samrat's cash, he should proceed to help her total the cycle. Virat says he is going with Sayi for her school confirmation. Ashwini requests that they eat and go. Virat says they will have something outside and not to make lunch for them. Bhavani hollers followed by Ninad who shouts that Virat has frustrated him and is a disfavor to him. Virat asks what did he do. Ninad shouts that he failed to remember his obligation towards family and obligation, he had gone to Gadchiroli to play out his obligation, however wedded Sayi and brought her home, and so forth Virat says he is performing obligation itself as he had vowed to help Sayi in turning into a specialist. Omkar strolls in and hollers next that he previously had wrned him not to take Gadchiroli posting as its encompassed by hooligans and hazardous individuals, he didn't tune in and carried his risky spouse to inconvenience them. 

Virat says baba and Omi kaka are pointlessly extending the issue. Pakhi inquires as to whether he truly needs to eat outside and for what reason is in such a rush that he needs to skip breakfast. He says he needs to get Sayi's visa measured photograph and what's going on the off chance that they eat outside, its better than remaining hungry. He reveals to Bhavaniand Ninad that he is going out with Sayi and will examine about it without a doubt once he returns at night. Bhavani stops him and finds out if he needs to adhere to family manages or not. Virat asks what she implies. Saloni says Bhavani implies whether he took her authorization prior to choosing about getting Sayi's affirmation. Virat says he previously educated them regarding Sayi's desire and his help, and so on Ashwini asks Bhavani what is the issue here. Ninad hollers at her not to talk illogically as she is stupid. Virat cautions her not to talk with Aayi before everybody like this. Ashwini says she can't bear Ninad's unpleasant words any longer, so he should hush up about them. Virat reveals to Sayi let us go as we are getting late. Bhavani stops him and says Sayi won't get school affirmation.

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