Kumkum Bhagya 30th December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Metrogossipcity.online

The Episode starts with the robber coming to the room where Prachi is hiding in the cupboard, while Ranbir-Rhea and Dadi-Pallavi behind the sofas. The robber starts the countdown and asks them to come out. Prachi thinks Ranbir and Rhea are in the room and thinks the robber might catch them. She comes out of the cupboard and tells that nobody is here, she was hiding only in the cupboard and asks what nonsense he was talking about. She asks did you see anyone here? No. The robber asks if she is Pragya and Abhi’s daughter, tells that he will punish her for her sister’s mistake. Prachi runs out fooling them. The robbers run behind her. Ranbir looks at Rhea and runs out. The robber asks Prachi to call her sister and keeps knife on her neck. Prachi says I have no sister? The robber asks her to call her sister. Ranbir comes there and hits the robber. He fights with them and asks Prachi if she is fine? Pallavi, beeji and Rhea come there. The robber shoots in air and holds Prachi’s neck. Ranbir asks him to leave her. The robbers hold Ranbir while the other accuses him and beats Ranbir. Rhea starts blaming Prachi. Prachi hits the robber. Ranbir also hits them. Rhea, Beeji, Pallavi and Prachi start beating the goons. Pallavi and Beeji ask Ranbir not to leave the robbers.

The goon is about to hit Prachi, but Ranbir takes the vase on his chest and saves her. The robber asks his robbers to hold Ranbir. Policeman comes there and arrests the robbers. The robber threatens Ranbir and leaves. Policeman talks to Ranbir about something and says everything is under control. Prachi goes. Pallavi asks Rhea to go and attend Abhi-Meera’s engagement. Abhi comes to Meera. Meera says she has seen Pragya and his love. He says everyone sees, but she don’t see. Meera says she was afraid and tells that if anything had happened to him, then she would have lost him. He asks her to stop crying. She keeps her head on him, while he is pacifying her. Pragya goes to bring the necklace and sees them. She comes back and asks about Shahana. Sarita behen says she went home. Pragya and Meera see Rhea coming. Pragya asks if she is fine. Meera also calls Rhea. Rhea thinks of Aaliya’s provocative words and hugs Rhea. Pragya gives the necklace to Inspector and tells that Meera was wearing it which they want to robbed. She tells that Meera alerted everyone at the right time. Rhea takes the necklace in her hand and tells that she feels that her mom shall wear this. She tells that her mom will look rockstar wearing this. She asks Abhi if she shall buy this for Meera. Abhi says sure. Aaliya and Tai ji asks them to come for engagement. Pandit ji asks if they will get engaged. Abhi says yes. Dadi thinks listen to the God’s sign. Abhi tells Inspector that he will talk to Ramnik lal about the necklace.

Kumkum Bhagya 31st December 2020 Written Update (31 Dec 2020)