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Rakhi opening the window requests that Mahesh perceive how excellent the night is nevertheless at that point sits to clarify that she wants him to see from her view since it involves concern in light of the fact that a ton has occurred and she feels that the relations have gotten ugly and even karan couldn't separate among the good and bad yet subsequent to being with Preeta he has had the option to return to his detects, she doesnot know whether the two of them cherished each other previously yet now are joyfully hitched which is the reason she has sent them on a vacation, Rakhi shouts that it has been quite a while since she has heard his voice yet now wants to listen then laying her head on his chest she sits up shouting how his pulse talk with her, Rakhi makes reference to that she realizes he has consistently taken a gander at Preeta as his own little girl and would be enchanted to consider her to be his little girl in law so for herself he should awaken, 

Sherlin is asking why Prithvi has set a particularly wired ringtone, he answers the call at that point shouts why she has called him since he feels that she has discovered another person and he doesnot like this, Sherlin clarifies that it isn't the situation and she just has a place with him and would stay for him regardless of whether she is hitched to another person, Sherlin inquires as to whether he is away as he didn't reach her, prithvi clarifies that he has come top assistance Pawan in his business, Sherlin clarifies that she is in Manali and is wanting to destroy the wedding trip of Preeta and Karan, Prithvi clarifies that this isn't the situation and Karan loves Preeta a ton, he demolished his marriage with Preeta this infuriates Sherlin and she clarifies that she has secured Preeta a room while Mahira is in the live with karan, Prithvi asks her top clarify it and Sherlin clarifies the whole circumstance, She clarifies Karan would be compelled to wed Mahira as Karan would wed her similarly as she wedded Rishab. 

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