Drishyam 2 Full Movie Download online leaked by Telegram, Netflix, Tamilrockers,1377x Drishyam 2 is a Malayalam mystery-thriller movie, directed by Jeethu Joseph.The movie stars Mohanlal and Meena in the lead roles.

Release Date : 19 Feb 2021

Cast : Mohanlal, Meena

Director : Jeethu Joseph

By any yardstick, the 2013 blockbuster Drishyam is a hard act to follow. Writer-director Jeethu Joseph’s crime thriller starring Mohanlal, Meena, Asha Sharath and Siddique was so well-rounded in the writing and execution of its murder-and-subsequent-cover-up mystery and such a box-office superhit that it was remade in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and Kannada, headlined by some of the biggest male stars of those industries, in addition to foreign revisitations in Sinhalese and Mandarin.

At the time, Jeethu was questioned about his script drawing on Japanese novelist Keigo Higashino’s The Devotion of Suspect X, but he denied the charge and said he was inspired instead by a real-life incident. Be that as it may, Drishyam 2: The Resumption is all the redemption he needs. In a country that does not have a great track record with whodunnits, pulling off a brilliant howdunnit and howhegotawaywithit like Drishyam was an achievement. Returning with a howhe’sstillgettingawaywithit and actually pulling it off is nothing short of incredible.

Drishyam 2 is a surprisingly satisfying sequel to a spectacular first film.

Jeethu Joseph’s new crime drama is set in the same Kerala town where the events of its precursor took place. Georgekutty (Mohanlal) is now the owner of a cinema theatre. His prosperity is reflected in the larger, posher house he currently occupies with his wife Rani (Meena) and their daughters Anju (Ansiba) and Anu (Esther Anil) on the same land where they earlier lived. He is still movie crazy. Rani and he are still a committed couple yet constantly sniping at each other as before. And they are still a rock-solid team in the upbringing of their girls.

The difference between then and now is twofold. First, the townsfolk had backed the family when IG Geetha Prabhakar (Asha Sharath) got after them on the suspicion that they killed her son. They are not so supportive any more, driven as they are by jealousy at Georgekutty’s rise in life.

Second, the experiences of Drishyam have had a deep psychological impact on both Rani and Anju. Rani is tormented by Georgekutty’s refusal to ever discuss what happened back then. The first half of Drishyam 2 constructs their continuing trauma and gradually establishes the fact that the police never gave up on the case. The second half is about the resumed investigation.