The Little Things Full Movie Download online leaked by Telegram, Netflix, Tamilrockers,1377x The Little Things stars a trio of notable actors in lead roles, but the neo-noir crime thriller falls short according to the consensus from reviewers. 

Director: John Lee Hancock

Writer: John Lee Hancock

Stars: Denzel Washington, Rami Malek, Jared Leto

Directed by John Lee Hancock, the movie features Denzel Washington and Rami Malek as two police officers on the hunt for a serial killer in Los Angeles during the '90s. Jared Leto rounds out the core cast as a mysterious man suspected of being the murderer. As a Warner Bros. feature film, The Little Things was released through HBO Max on January 29, which is the same day it simultaneously hit theaters.

The concept at the focus in The Little Things has been in the works for the better part of three decades. Hancock originally wrote the first draft with Steven Spielberg in mind to direct. The script was ultimately shelved until 2019 when production finally commenced on the project. Washington quickly joined the cast to play Deputy Sheriff Joe "Deke" Deacon, a man who teams up with Detective Jim "Jimmy" Baxter (Malek) during a tense investigation. As the pair team up to catch a serial killer terrorizing LA, they begin tracking Albert Sparma (Leto). As the men clash, Jimmy starts to realize the investigation stirs up Deke's past, which could hurt the case.