The Tokyo 2021 has set sports fans and the media buzzing with excitement. Sports lovers from all over the world are waiting for this incredible old event as they do every fourth year. With the impressive performances by thousands of athletes at the 2016 Rio Olympics four years back, fans cannot wait to see what the Tokyo Olympics have to offer. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced the host country and dates of the 2021 Summer Olympics some time back and the excitement roused and now has reached an immense height with the dates of the event approaching close.

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Event Olympics 2021

Hosts Tokyo, Japan

Date 23rd July to 8th August 2021

Teams 206

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Summer Olympics 2021 Host Country & Venue

Tokyo, the Japanese capital city won the bid to host the 2021 Summer Olympic Games, starting from July through August, in 2021.

Tokyo Olympics 2021 

Tokyo Olympics 2021

Out of the numerous bids for hosting the esteemed international sporting event, the IOC eventually short-listed Istanbul (Turkey), Madrid (Spain) and Tokyo (Japan) for the chance to host the 2021 Summer Olympics. It was a close competition between the three cities for the chance to host the 2021 Summer Olympics as the winner needed the normal 49 votes to establish a majority. The first balloting saw Istanbul and Madrid tied for second place. A run-off vote was held to decide the second place winner between Madrid and Istanbul. The final round of voting saw Istanbul and Tokyo competing for the chance to host the Summer Olympics 2021. Eventually, a final round of voting saw a 60-36 difference in Japan’s favor.

The IOC finally announced the winner Tokyo to host the Summer Olympics 2021 at its 125th IOC Session in 2013 in Argentina.

Tokyo Olympics 2021 Venue

A few months from today, Tokyo will be the destination for thousands of athletes and millions of sports fans from all over the world to participate and view the incredibly exciting 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics and Paralympics Games. Officials estimate around 600,000 visitors from abroad to visit the capital and its surrounding regions during the 2021 Summer Olympics. Japanese efficiency is set to make the event a pleasurable and comfortable event for athletes and sports lovers alike.

The 2021 Summer Olympics will be held majorly in two operational and thematic zones, “Heritage Zone” and the “Tokyo Bay Zone”. The Heritage Zone has significantly iconic venues that were part of the Tokyo 1964 Games and makes an incredibly popular choice for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics too. On the other hand, the Tokyo Bay Zone is known for its incredible modern innovative urban infrastructure.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has allocated a fund of $3.67 billion in total to cover the cost of expenses for hosting the entire Summer Olympic, including the opening and closing ceremony, which is always a grand spectacle every four years. Immense improvements have been made to public services, including airports, buses, metros/subways, roads and venues to ensure smooth and effective crowd management during the Olympics in 2021.

The Olympic Village called the Athlete’s Village for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics is at 5 Harumi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, spread across an immense 44 hectare and is situated on the popular well-developed waterfront district in the Japanese capital prefecture. The residential buildings are designed to host 18,000 athletes for the Olympic Games as well as an additional 8,000 athletes for the Paralympics Games. The newly constructed and modern buildings will be later renovated accordingly and sold off as prime residential real estate once the 2021 Tokyo Olympics are concluded. The Athletes’ Village is situated ideally close to sports venues and offers comfortable choices for transport. The Athletes’ Village is only a 10-minute walk from the Kachidoki Station on Toei Oedo Line and around a distance of 20-minute walk from the Shintoyosu Station on the Tokyo Waterfront New Transit Waterfront Line. It is highly advised for visitors to use public transport to get to and from the event venues and their hotels.

Some of the popular 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics venues include the Olympic Stadium, the Nippon Budokan, the Imperial Palace Garden, the Equestrian Park, the Tokyo Stadium, the Ariake Gymnastics Center, the Ariake Urban Sports Park, the Odaiba Marine Park, Sea Forest Waterway, the Tokyo Aquatics Center, the Makuhari Messe Hall A and B, the Enoshima Yacht Harbor, the Fuji International Speedway, , the Sapporo Dome, the Saitama Stadium and the International Stadium, Yokohama, among many other modern and conventional sports venues in and around Tokyo.

List of Countries Participating in Olympics 2021

The previous Summer Olympics Games, the 2016 Rio Olympics, saw an immense increase in popularity and participation from countries. Although there were barely a handful of countries and their athletes taking part in the initial stages of the Olympics when it was started in the modern era, the popularity has increased remarkably with participation and numbers of sporting events and athletes growing larger and larger. According to the IOC, the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics witnessed 11, 238 athletes, which included 6, 179 male and 5,059 female athletes participating and representing over 205 countries from all over the globe.

Although the number of countries qualifying and participating in the Olympics Games has dramatically increased over the years, several countries, such as Australia, France, Greece, Switzerland and Great Britain have been a permanent fixture ever since the ancient Olympics Games were revived at the end of the 19th century. These countries are also among the most medal winners in the past Olympics Games as well. However, the excitement and fervor for the Olympics Games are not limited to fans from the participating countries as the Summer Olympics is probably one of the few sporting events that enjoy a worldwide fan base.

List of Sports in Tokyo Olympics 2021

The Summer Olympics Games are truly the world’s largest sports gathering in the modern world. Ever since its inception in the beginning of the 19th century, there have been at least 42 different sports that were part of the Summer Olympics Games. The three recent Olympic Games (of 2000, 2004 and 2008) had 28 fixed sports of choice. However, as softball and baseball were removed from the list, there were 26 total sports in the 2012 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The list of sports and events for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics Games were finalized by the IOC executive board and announced in June of 2017.

The 2021 Tokyo Games will showcase 339 events in 33 different sports and spread across 55 disciplines. The Tokyo 2021 will also see an addition of 5 new sports and have 15 additional events.

Prior to the main games, there ar4e 56 test events planned to be held for the 2021 Olympics and Paralympics Games in Tokyo, starting in June 2019 and ending a year later, in June 2021 before the opening ceremony of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics Games. Numerous events from these are from the core-25 sporting events covered in the Summer Olympics however the new sports added to the 2021 Tokyo Games will be properly tested before the start of the actual competition.

Check out below the number of events covered under the various disciplines which are part of the official Summer Olympics Games: