Good news if you're a fan of the After series! A third film is in the works, so prepare yourselves accordingly. After We Collided —aka the second movie in the After series based on a steamy Harry Styles fanfic—hit our screens back in October and the next film, After We Fell, is on its way. Full disclosure: The sequel almost left me feeling like we ended right back where the first film left us, but they say third time's the charm, right?

So what exactly is in store for our resident on-and-off couple Tessa and Hardin in movie number three? Here's everything we know about the next installment.

Is After We Fell really happening?

Yes! And before you ask about a fourth installment, that’s right—we’re all getting another movie, called After Ever Happy, too. Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin personally delivered the news via IG back in September, leaving just Before (the fifth book and prequel to our favorite situationship) in limbo re: whether it will be turned into a movie as well.Yay! But what will this movie be about?

Just like the previous films, After We Fell will take inspiration from the third book of the same name in the series. If you’re looking for a sneak peek at what to expect, here’s a quick and sexy rundown for you:

"Tessa has just made a life-changing decision, and that’s when everything turns upside down. Secrets about both her’s and Hardin’s families come to light, filling all they previously knew (and their renewed commitment to each other) with tons of doubts.

Oh, and that’s not all. Because Tessa is carrying a massive secret, there’s no one for her to trust with it—not even Hardin, who eventually becomes enraged over exactly what she’s hiding from him. Instead of being mature and talking things through, he instead does what he knows best—sabotage.

Tessa is now faced with the ultimate romantic question: is love enough for her? Because if she’s gotta be honest, this never-ending cycle of jealousy, anger and rage is taking a toll on her. Yet she’s never loved anyone so much…and not to mention she's never been more turned on by someone else’s kiss. Despite the intense connection she shares with her love, is Hardin (flaws and all) worth risking everything? And if she chooses to follow her heart, is this the end of all she’s fought for?"

I gotta ask: Will the full cast return?

Here’s the thing. While the previous films were shot in the United States, due to scheduling conflicts (not to mention COVID-19), the third and fourth movies filmed in Bulgaria. Given the slight predicament (not that we mind, of course), some of the OG cast members had to sit out of production. But don’t you worry! Our entertainment wasn’t sacrificed, as each character is still in very good hands.Some replacements for our beloved characters include Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’s Chance Perdomo (Landon), True Blood’s Stephen Moyer (Christian Vance), and John Tucker Must Die star Arielle Kebbel (Kimberly). But also keep an eye out for some stunning new faces, such as Carter Jenkins as hottie Robert and Mira Sorvino as Carol. Frances Turner is reportedly joining as Karen, a character who has now been recast twice. Bonus: A new character we haven’t seen in the series yet will be played by Kiana Madeira.Before you start panicking about never seeing the film, don't worry—you'll still get your chance to see all the steamy Hessa scenes you've been rather lusting over. But while you're waiting for Tessa and Hardin to grace your screens...maybe it’s time for you to kick back and read the books the movies are based on? They’re actually really good summertime reads and can hold you over until movie time.

So when will After We Fell be released?

Sound the alarms, everyone, because we finally have a timeline in place! The show's IG account casually came online with a whole slew of release dates, getting long-time fans extremely hyped. Unfortunately, there's a tiny wrinkle to the sitch: Europe and Canada get first dibs on seeing the movie through most of September 2021. Viewers in the U.S., on the other hand, will have to patiently wait until October 2021, when a more definitive release date will be available.