Akshay Kumar is taking a leap of faith with his upcoming movie Bell Bottom. As the spy thriller is all set to release in theatres amid the coronavirus scare. It's a risky step considering almost every movie is going the digital route where the business from big screens is uncertain. However, as Akki has a huge fan base, he might just give a blockbuster. The makers are releasing the film right after the Independence Day 2021 weekend and ahead of Raksha Bandhan. Bell Bottom was wrapped up on September 30 in London. Bell Bottom Trailer: Lara Dutta as Former Indian PM Indira Gandhi Stuns Netizens With Her Transformation!

Right from the posters to the trailer, Bell Bottom has received love on social media. However, to note Lara Dutta's look as former Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi from the movie had grabbed a lot of eyeballs due to the prosthetic makeup in the trailer. This film is based on true events and if you are the one who is planning to watch it in theatres, here's every little detail you need to know about superstar Akshay's upcoming movie. So, let's get started. Bell Bottom: Advance Booking of Akshay Kumar, Vaani Kapoor's Spy Thriller Starts; Book Tickets Online Via Paytm and Book My Show.

Helmed by Ranjit M Tewari, Bell Bottom will see Akshay Kumar as the lead who is on a mission. He will romance Vaani Kapoor in the flick. The movie also stars Lara Dutta, Huma Qureshi, Adil Hussain, Denzil Smith in prominent roles.

Kumar, a covert agent, goes by the codename BellBottom. He's tasked with going deep into the case of an Indian airplane's hijacking and rescuing passengers on board.

The trailer, besides extolling his professional virtues, also details a long list of BellBottom's personal achievements — he's a national level shooter, a chess player, has a sharp memory, teaches music, is a language teacher of Hindi, English and German. The 3-minute-long clip is packed with action sequences as Kumar's characters shoots bullets and dodges most of them, and how he executes the covert operation.

Bell Bottom starring Akshay Kumar is a film that is inspired by true events. Based on real-life hijacking events in India by Khalistani separatists during the 1980s, this one is an intense spy thriller that will give you an adrenaline rush.I did get Caroline Bernstein playing the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, though. Whether she is as good as Meryl Steep in The Iron Lady, only time will tell. Fingers crossed.

Bell Bottom suggests that India is not a country but an “idea”. Ek soch. What an idea, Sirji. It’s time we stopped looking at the country and its burning problems in abstracts and tackled them headlong. The problem here is a series of hijackings .

Mrs G says, let’s get Bell Bottom. Cut to Akshay Kumar barging into a man doing his potty. The bottom seems never too far from this hero’s state of mind. Oh, before I forget, Vaani Kapoor plays Bell Bottom’s wife. She gets to say “I Love You” on the phone before he takes off for his mission to save our country - marriage be damned.