The Hating Game is an American-based upcoming romantic comedy movie that Peter Hutchings will direct for the people who don’t know. The only way to be sure would be to see the movie, which fans can do by visiting the theatres or renting it through online VOD services, but the movie is also slated to have a theatrical release! However, if you are seeking for further details regarding the release of The Hating Game, here is what we have for you!

Is The Hating Game (2021) Movie Making its Way for Theatrical Release?

Yes, the movie makers for the movie have given an official confirmation that The Hating Game movie will also be making its way for a theatrical release despite of being already released via OTT platforms.


The reports we got confirm that The Hating Game will be available in select cinemas and on VOD platforms in the United States beginning Friday, which falls on December 10 this year, so just a few more days to go!

Where Else can I Watch The Hating Game (2021)?

The Hating Game (2021)

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As we have mentioned above also, The Hating Game has also been already revealed via OTT platforms, where now the film has been made available for pre-order on iTunes so that you may plunge in fully stress-free on an above-mentioned day. It will most likely be offered for renting on sites like Amazon Video and Google Play.

Where Should You Watch the Movie?

If you prefer to watch it on the big screen, check with your local theatre to see if they have any screenings available since it is not receiving a wide release and hence may not be accessible at your local multiplex. Nonetheless, if no nearby showings are available, the option to stream is accessible.

What is the Storyline for The Hating Game (2021) Shows?

The Hating Game (2021)

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This movie focuses on an intriguing plot featuring two characters named Lucy Hutton and Joshua Templeman, who are always on a mission to rise above while pushing the other down, or, to put it simply, they both are rivals for each other! The storyline for the movie starts with showing Lucy finally joining her first new job and appearing to be the epitome of what a sweet and charming young lady should be. Still, her portrayal changes slowly as she obtains a new office with Templeman as her cabin mate.

So the question now is whether or not this is a game! They need to do the same stuff: to still be in command, and the dilemma is that Lucy will be in charge if she wins. If she loses, she would be obliged to retire from her position. Although, as the movie continues, a sudden swift in the storyline appears when both get an intimate session in the elevator, prompting them to rethink their whole relationship.

Who Casted for The Hating Game (2020)?

The cast in Hating Game is fantastic, with most of the actors have worked quite hard to bring out the roles they are playing. Lucy Hale plays Lucy Hutton, while Austin Stowell is seen to portray the role of Joshua Templeman.

Nicholas Baroudi is casting for the famous role of Patrick Templeman, Gina Torres said to play as Mack, Tania Asnes will appear as Annabelle, Corbin Bernsen will be seen to cast for the role of Bexley, Brock Yurich will appear as Brock, Sakina Jaffrey said to come up to cast as Helen, and Yasha Jackson will be casting as Julie.