Kaappaan: Suriya, Mohanlal are charismatic in this formulaic action drama

Kaappaan starts with a bang and moves at a rapid pace, but somewhere towards the middle it gets bogged down and runs out of ideas. No wonder the initial trailer of the film was a downer with the look and feel of a 1990s patriotic film.  To put it bluntly, other than the charismatic performance of Suriya and Mohanlal, there is nothing much in this formulaic old-style jaded action drama.

The trouble with this half- baked film is that it's dated; and director KV Anand and his screenplay writer Pattukottai Prabhakaran have tried to incorporate too many things into the plot. The movie also seems to have borrowed several scenes from Telugu and Malayalam films. The basic thread of the film is supposed to be that there's a threat to the Prime Minister's life and how an SPG officer singlehandedly tries to thwart the terrorist’s plans. The film keeps changing its focus, which makes the characterisation weak. Commercial ingredients like songs, dance, romance, action and comedy are thrown in at regular intervals. Moreover, a heavy dose of messaging and a threat of a bio warfare in agriculture sector through locust is added in the climax.

Too many subplots are thrown in as the film shows Kathir (Suriya) as a farmer who has got a lot of awards for his farming technology (In fact, Suriya’s last release NGK too showed him as an organic farmer). The next scene shows him as an undercover military intelligence-wing agent who had once infiltrated a terror group in Pakistan. The following scene has him saving the Prime Minister Chandrakanth Varma (Mohanlal) in London from a deadly assassination. The prime minister thanks him for saving his life and appoints him as his principal security officer. And Kathir’s team has a handful of good and bad SPG officers like Samuthirakani and Prem. PM’s son Abhishek (Arya) is an aimless fun guy who eats junk food (some brands are displayed) and loves to party. The beautiful and vivacious Anjali (Sayyesha), who lost her father, a former minister in a terrorist attack, is the press secretary in the PMO. There is also the billionaire businessman Mahadev (Bomman Irani), a kingmaker and greedy corporate leader who wants to control the PMO. And then there is a dreaded terrorist (Chirag Jani), who is trying to assassinate the prime minister.

Pehlwaan Movie Review : A Mediocre Take On Mentor-Disciple Relationship

Pailwaan is one of the best high voltage sports action films ever produced by the Kannada film industry. Let’s explore this movie part by part, its a movie surrounding the character named Pailwan Krishna, Who is a wrestler.How he faces various situations and challenges and whether he emerges successful or not it the rest of the story. It was very heartening to see Kiccha Sudeep playing this role to perfection. He nailed every single aspect of the film.

S. Krishna has done a terrific job with the directing. All aspects are perfectly handled. Arjun Janya’s songs and background score are absolutely fitting to the movie’s quality. Karunakara A’s visuals are stunning.With this story and those performances, Pailwaan could have easily been an art film. But the makers chose to make it in the commercial format. Never the less, there is nothing too unrealistic or cliche in this movie.

Overall, it is a treat for film lovers. Fans of Sudeep will be extremely happy with this outcome, Pailwaan is worth their waiting. If you are looking to check out a high voltage film and you are a fan of action films, then don’t dare to miss Pailwaan.Pailwan movie story: Sarkar (Suniel Shetty) is a wrestling coach, who wants his adapted son Krishna (Sudeep) to win national championship. He trains Krishna (Sudeep) to fulfil his dream, but the latter commits a mistake by falling in love with Rukmini (Aakanksha Singh). This leads to the breakup between father and son. How Krishna reunites with his father and fulfils his dream form the crux of the story.