Ek Villain Returns is about a serial killer with a twisted self-rationalisation. He feels he is the torchbearer or messiah of one-sided lovers who is extracting their revenge by killing the girls they love. And he is doing all this for ratings. The bigger the murder, the more ratings he gets from his ladylove. Twisted, right? But most serial killers have twisted minds. Eight years after Rakesh Mahadkar's (Riteish Deshmukh) spine-chilling killings, another serial killer is on the loose, who is wreaking havoc in Mumbai.

The film begins with the villain's return, who breaks into a high rise building by smashing the glass and killing and assaulting everyone who comes in his way until he gets hold of singer Aarvi (Tara Sutaria). Her murder is the big breaking news on every channel and spoilt brat Gautam Mehra (Arjun Kapoor) is accused of the crime. The story soon moves to a flashback where Gautam crashes his ex-girlfriend's wedding and creates a huge ruckus. However, when the girl declares that she still loves him, he tells the to-be groom that he can now marry her. Why? Because 'marna chalega par haarna nahi'.

A video of Gautam's stunt is made viral by Aarvi, who turns his seeti-maar dialogues into a rap. He tracks her down and comes to know that she wants to be a singing sensation. He helps her sabotage another singer's career and make a place of her own. Earns her trust and love and, when the time is right, hits back at her for turning him into a viral meme.

Meanwhile, John Abraham's Bhairav Purohit loves Rasika (Disha Patani) to bits. While Rasika is a salesgirl at an apparel store, Bhairav is a cab driver and a part-time zoo keeper. And, he can do anything to earn Rasika's love and appreciation.

While the trailer might have kept you guessing who is the villain of this story, just 30 minutes into the film, you will understand who the real villain is. However, the regular twists and turns in the story manage to keep you on the edge of the seat. The first half has quite a few jump-scare moments and they build up to an interesting second half. And, the last seven minutes of the film take the cake.

The gripping plot of Ek Villain Returns is the winner with an engaging storyline. Mohit Suri, who did a good job with the first film of the Ek Villain franchise, brings a masala entertainer with massy dialogues, thrilling moments and good performances in the sequel. While there are some impressive stunts in the films, there are a few bad VFXs as well. The film's music is good and the songs are melodious, but none other Galliyaan has a shelf life.

Arjun Kapoor is quite impressive as the spoilt brat obsessed with winning. He also experiences a change of heart after falling in love. He outshines others with a convincing act and intense gaze. Disha Patani was a surprise package. She nailed her role and succeeded in bringing out the evil side of Rasika well. Aarvi can be termed as Tara Sutaria's one of the best performances so far. John Abraham might look too beefed-up in the film, but when you see him breaking ribs and smashing heads and glasses, you will understand no one but John could convince us as Bhairav.


The film had many illogical twists and action sequences. They tried to show John Abraham to be immensely powerful, whose expertise lies in breaking glass, be it in high-rise buildings or a metro rail. He might also also remind you of Sunny Deol when he easily dislodges the pole in the metro train and breaks the iron gate in the zoo.

However, Riteish Deshmukh's 'aaj ke baad appko shikayat ka mauka nahi dunga' is still more scary than Ek Villain Returns' 'Madam rating dena mat bhoolna'. If you have watched the Ek Villain, you will miss Riteish in the sequel. And, we think the makers were also aware of this. No wonder they tried to make it up to the viewers. How? For that you need to watch the film.

"Darr aur pyaar logon se buri cheezein karwata hai, toh main kaun hoon? Tera daar ya tera pyaar?" Disha asks John, but it is actually Arjun who answers this question towards the end of the film.