The release of dubbed versions are acknowledged as a major factor behind the recent successes of several pan-Indian movies from down South. But in an interesting move that goes against the trend, Telugu movie 'Bimbisara' produced by NTR Arts will be taking the subtitling route to outside markets.

In the wake of RRR, KGF2 and Pushpa's super success, the lavishly-mounted fantasy action drama, Bimbisara, is targeting a wide release on August 5, 2022. UFO Moviez, which recently distributed much loved '777 Charlie' and 'Rocketry', will release the Telugu film in North India with English subtitles.

The spokesperson for UFO Moviez points out that during the Coronavirus-triggered pandemic, when people were locked in their homes for months together, they devoured content from across India and the world.

"As a result, language is no longer a barrier and they are now open to watching content with subtitles. OTT has changed viewing habits and we are confident that a good film in any language will bring people to the theatre," he asserts, promising that Bimbisara which offers a larger-than-life, big screen experience will not disappoint.

'Bimbisara' stars Jr. NTR's brother Nandamuri Kalyan Ram in the title role of the Emperor of Magadh in the 5th century BC, along with Catherine Tresa, Samyuktha Menon and Warina Hussain.

The film is produced by Nandamuri Kalyan Ram's home banner NTR Arts, which despite intense competition from other filmmakers, was able to put together this massive project.

For 'Bimbisara', I had to shed oodles of weight without having to sacrifice food. My physical trainer doesn't restrict my diet. The best part of his training is that he asks me to take healthy food. I eat Idli and Dosa in the morning. I have Basmati rice in the afternoon. Whatever I eat, I do it in moderation. I don't eat oily foods, fried items, and sweets. I have a solid cheat meal once every fortnight. If I am not shooting for a movie, I find it impossible to stay away from cheat meals.I am an actor who doesn't immerse myself in production aspects. Someone else does that. I can't juggle both acting and production at a time. I never did it even when films like 'Pataas' and 'ISM' were made.