M3GAN has already got a ton of buzz online for its Black Mirror-esque premise, and now the upcoming horror movie has had its initial reactions posted online by critics who got to see the film early.James Wan and a creepy doll is a combo that will never go wr ..

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Starring The Haunting of Hill House's Violet McGraw, the movie is about a lifelike doll with incredibly advanced artificial intelligence that gets a little bit too protective of its human 'sister' and turns murderous.

Early reactions state that the horror more than lives up to its intriguing story.In fact, multiple critics have said that the film is actually really funny, in a darkly comic way. James from YouTube channel Dead Meat wrote: "The story beats are pretty much exactly what you'd expect, but M3gan herself is an instant icon and the tone is top notch. I laughed my ass off so many times, yet it remained dark throughout.

"#M3GAN delivers our next great horror icon. The first film in a long time to make the best out of the 'killer doll' story while still carving its own tasteful personality," Discussing Film's Andrew J Salazar wrote.

"It's the perfect balance of eeriness & dark humour. Like Malignant, the film rightfully earns all the camp."