A new Punjabi film Medal which has already mesmerized fans with the posters and trailer was slated to hit the theatres on June 2 that is today. But now it has come to notice that the film Medal is not going to see daylight. Starring Jayy Randhawa and Baani Sandhu in lead roles, the film has now shifted to June 3, 2023. The stars came live on Instagram and shared this news.

Fans were disappointed as they had booked the tickets and were excited about the film. But now due to some internal reasons, the film’s release date has been pushed forward. Jayy also says that people have put their effort into degrading their films. Not only this, he cursed the people who were behind this deed. Though he asked his fans to support the film as much as they can so that the one who created this problem shall know the strength of his fans.

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Let’s begin our Medal movie review by discussing the story of the movie. The plot of the movie revolves around Rajveer/Raja (Jay Randhawa), who had a dream of winning a national gold medal. However, in his journey he met a jealous and arrogant competitor – Angad (Jag Singh). Angad cheats on Raja and makes him disqualified from sprinting again. Result of which Raja faces a lot of problems and steps in the world of crime to take his revenge from Angad. How does he take revenge? Or will he be actually able to take his revenge? This is what this movie is all about.

We personally loved the story of the movie which was already very much clear from the trailer itself. But what makes this story shine well is how this is being depicted. The screenplay of this film is its USP that lands very well on the hearts of audiences. However, there were some scenes that seems unnecessary and could have been clipped.

Meanwhile, speaking of the upcoming film Medal is an action thriller with a spice of romance. The film marks the debut of Baani Sandhu. Coming to the credits, the story, screenplay and dialogues of Medal are written by Jassi Lohka whereas it has been helmed by Maneesh Bhatt, who is known for directing performance-driven films like ‘Panchhi’ and ‘Chobbar’.