72 Hoorain: 72 Hoorain, produced by Ashoke Pandit has created a lot of controversy since past few weeks. The film had generated mixed reactions on social media ever since the release of its poster, teaser and the trailer. However, Ashoke got enraged when the CBFC (Central Board of Film Certification) denied giving certification to his satirical drama. The movie is based on religious fanaticism and radicalization of youth by clerics who provoke people towards militancy with their hate speeches. The promo shows two men who are brainwashed by a cleric discussing about heaven and virgin women after sacrificing their lives. Now, Bhojpuri actress Sabiha Shaikh has slammed the makers of 72 Hoorain for their wrong depiction of Islam.


Sabiha, popularly known as Rani Chatterjee said, “The depiction of the Quran in this movie is wrong. Quran does not teach to take anyone’s life. If the director or producer of 72 Hoorain had read the Quran, then, they would not have used such dialogues,” as reported by Aaj Tak. The actress compared 72 Hoorain with Adipurush and accused the makers for distorting facts. She opined, “After The Kerala Story became a hit, people started to encash this trend. Hatred is being spread either through politics or films. The general public has nothing to do with this.” Sabiha also told, “What do you want to achieve by showcasing such hateful films to the new generation? Where does Quran say to kill people? Can you show it to me? A wrong message is being sent (to the society). This is part of the agenda to spread hate.”


The Bhojpuri further added, “I am a Muslim. But will you call me and my family members, a terrorist? The Kerala Files (sic) showed that girls are being forcibly converted to Islam. In the South, people are being converted to Christianity. But none wants to talk about it?” She also pointed out, “You are making an anti-Muslim film. Given the current situation (in the country), the film (72 Hoorain) is likely to do well. But who will compensate for the hate that you will spread in this process.”

72 Hoorain is scheduled to release on July 7, 2023.