"It's time for you to get on stage, and do it your way!" GVN Releasing is handling the US opening of this comedy titled Back on the Strip, made by writer / actor Chris Spencer. While it's not made explicity clear in the trailer, this seems like a spoof of the Magic Mike movies, with an old crew of male strippers coming back for a revival show in Las Vegas. "The Chocolate Chips" must get together again to help out a friend of theirs, a magician named Merlin, who is sent by his mom to Vegas to get his act together.

 The old crew features Wesley Snipes, JB Smoove, Gary Owen, Bill Bellamy, and Faizon Love (the funniest one in this), along with Spence Moore II, Tiffany Haddish, and Raigan Harris. This looks like it has some good jokes and funny lines, but it also looks extremely cheesy, especially set in Vegas. Ignore the date on the poster below - this now opens in August in US theaters if anyone wants to have some "Chocolate Chips" fun.

Here's the official trailer (+ poster) for Chris Spencer's Back on the Strip, direct from YouTube:

After losing the woman of his dreams, Merlin (Spence Moore II) moves to Las Vegas to pursue work as a magician, only to get hired as the front man in a revival of the notorious black male stripper crew, known as "The Chocolate Chips". Led by Luther - now broke and broken - the old, domesticated, out-of-shape Chips put aside former conflicts and reunite to save the hotel they used to perform in while helping Merlin win back his girl and his career. 

Back on the Strip is directed by American writer / actor Chris Spencer, making his feature directorial debut after directing on a few TV series including "Uncensored" previously. The screenplay is written by Eric Daniel & Chris Spencer. GVN Releasing will debut Spencer's Back on the Strip in US theaters starting on August 18th, 2023 late this summer. Anyone interested in watching this?