The fifth and final film in the After franchise, "After Everything," appeared in theaters for two days only, Sept. 14 and 15. However, it is expected to be released on Netflix later in 2023 or early 2024.

This is the first film where actress Josephine Langford portrays Tessa, a key character in the series who does not appear in this film until near the end. This film is the first in the franchise that is not named after the novels of the same title, authored by Anna Todd.


The lead character Hardin, portrayed by Hero Fiennes Tiffin, travels to Portugal in search of Natalie, a woman he had wronged in the past. During his search, Hardin embarks on a discovery of self. He struggles to advance his first manuscript while dealing with writer's block and the heartbreaking split with Tessa. He understands that he needs to change before making the ultimate commitment to get Tessa back.

The trip to Portugal demonstrates Hardin's development as a character as he realizes the mistakes he had made. The story of this film includes Hardin's effort to become a better person overall. But, the relationship he has pursued with Tessa creates a spiral in his mind of what it would mean to live without her. The experience teaches him the importance of happiness.


Fiennes Tiffin gave a sincere performance, capturing the depth of his character's anguish. At the beginning of the movie, Hardin narrates how he cannot imagine life without Tessa. The audience at the Emagine Theater on Sept. 14, connected with Hardin's emotional outpouring, with fan reactions to the scenes creating a significant hum in the room. 

When Hardin's father, Vince, travels to Portugal to support him during his writer's block and heartache, fans experience one of the purest moments in the film. The acting in this scene revealed how Hardin and Vince were truly father and son. Vince advises Hardin to write at least "a page a day" to earn his book advance. He advised Hardin to let go of Tessa and find happiness, saying he didn't know what the future might bring. In the previous film, their relationship was often chaotic, so the happy time they shared in this film is appreciated.

The character Natalie, portrayed by Mimi Keene, captured the importance of Hardin's past. She brought Hardin back to life after experiencing his heartbreak. This was a platonic relationship between the characters, and it gave Hardin true friendship. The way Natalie forgave Hardin for the pain he caused her in the past was mature and pure of her. She still had the heart to forgive him after ruining her life, which perfectly captured the insight Hardin required in his life.

Another thing that the film did a great job of capturing was how Hardin would always have memories of Tessa and how every area he visited made him think of her. This perfectly conveyed how much he missed her and how there was nothing that could ever make him forget her.

This film demonstrates how real happiness comes from within, and that to move on with life, barriers must be overcome. Near the end, Hardin and Tessa's romance is reignited, revealing how much heartache they had to endure for two years before finding happiness.