Businessman Raj Kundra, who will be seen in UT69, has responded to a question about whitewashing his image in the upcoming film. Speaking with Pinkvilla, Raj explained at length why it isn't so in the movie. He also recalled how the instances inside the prison were funny but 'painful'. (Also Read | Shilpa Shetty suggested moving abroad when Raj Kundra was jailed in pornography case, he 'wanted to end things')

Raj on whitewashing his image in film

Raj said, "I think the trailer shows that it's not a whitewash. I think you would also believe that. After seeing the trailer and allowing the director to have so much bad said about me because he read the notes. He read everything I wrote inside I made a diary of each and everything that happened inside. These things happen. When Shilpa was on TV they said, 'She's looking damn hot' and somebody said, 'Aare yaar uska pati yaha baitha hai chup kar (His husband is sitting here, keep quiet)'. I had to go through that."

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Raj talks about humour in film

He added, "I am showing you what has happened what I went through...When you put a British citizen who's come from abroad, doesn't understand how the system works and gets stuck in one of the most worst overcrowded notorious jails, humour aahi jaati hai (humour does surface) and you laugh at it...When I wrote it, it was very satirical. The way I was writing at that time it felt like a black comedy there and then. So I was writing the notes and I was laughing to myself. It was a serious matter...It was funny but at the same time painful."

Raj recalls an incident

Raj recalled an incident inside the jail when he said that he wanted a Western toilet since he wouldn't be able to squat due to his knee pain. A person told him that it was available inside. However, Raj described that a commode was kept inside but it wasn't attached to anything and wasn't usable.

About UT69

Directed by Shahnawaz Ali, UT69 is all set to be released on November 3. The movie is based on the situation Raj had to face inside the Arthur Road jail in Mumbai for 63 days.

In 2021, Raj was arrested by Mumbai Police for allegedly creating pornographic films and publishing them through some mobile applications. The case was registered with Crime Branch Mumbai in February 2021 about the creation of pornographic films and publishing them through some apps.