STX’s first movie under its Lionsgate pact, Neil Burger’s The Marsh King’s Daughter via Roadside Attractions will now go on Nov. 3 instead of Oct. 6.

Even though AMC’s Taylor Swift: Eras Concert opens on Oct. 13 and plays for four weekends, it’s clear Roadside doesn’t want to play this movie starring Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley into that storm.

‘Taylor Swift: Eras Tour’ Concert Film Breaks AMC Record For First Day Presales With $26M, Beating ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’

Taylor Swift Eras Tour hits theaters this fall.

Taylor Swift To Fill Void At Fall Box Office As ‘Eras Tour’ Concert Film Hits AMC, Regal, Cinemark; AMC To Distribute Movie In A First – Watch The Trailer

Several films have cleared out of the way of the Taylor Swift Concert pic which has a shot at opening to $100M. Universal took Blumhouse/Morgan Creek’s The Exorcist: Believer earlier on Oct. 6 while other movies like the Meg Ryan return to rom com, What Happens Later, is going on Nov. 3, as well — the best by distributors is that the Swift storm will have calmed down by then.

Burger had success with STX with the dramedy, The Upside, which starred Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart and made over $108M stateside and $125M WW.

Karen Dionne’s New York Times bestseller The Marsh King’s Daughter has been published internationally in 25 languages. The tense thriller tells the story of a woman with a secret past who ventures into the wilderness she left behind to confront the most dangerous man she’s ever met: her father. In the film, Helena’s (Daisy Ridley) seemingly ordinary life hides a dark and dangerous truth: her estranged father is the infamous Marsh King (Ben Mendelsohn), the man who kept her and her mother captive in the wilderness for years. When her father escapes from prison, Helena will need to confront her past. Knowing that he will hunt for her and her family, Helena must find the strength to face her demons and outmaneuver the man who taught her everything she knows about surviving in the wild. 

In the thrilling trailer for The Marsh King's Daughter, audiences are introduced to Helena Pelletier, played by Ridley, an ordinary mother deeply committed to her family and seemingly leading an uneventful family life. However, her tranquility is shattered when she receives startling news about her estranged father, who has managed to escape from prison. Her father is, in reality, a malevolent criminal mastermind named Jacob Holbrook, portrayed by Ben Mendelsohn. As the dark truth unravels, it's revealed that Holbrook had once abducted her mother, ensuring that Helena's birth was born not out of love, but from a sinister and captive union. For years, he held both Helena's mother and herself in his unrelenting grip, ultimately earning infamy as the notorious criminal known as the Marsh King. This captivating tale promises to delve deep into the complexities of family, identity, and the haunting legacy of a criminal past, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats.