As a part of Netflix’s 2023 slate of action content, Believer 2, the direct sequel to 2018’s Believer, will be released in November 2023. We’re keeping track of everything you need to know about Believer 2 including the plot, cast, trailers, and Netflix release.

Believer 2 is an upcoming South Korean Netflix Original action movie and the sequel to Believer. The film is directed by Baek Jong Yeol, and produced by CJ Entertainment.

When is Believer 2 coming to Netflix?

With the release of the official teaser trailer, it has been confirmed that Believer 2 will be released on Netflix on November 17th, 2023.

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While it might be considered pointless to complain about excessive violence in a Korean action movie – it is what has come to define the country’s output in this genre – Believer 2 arrives as one of the most gratuitous parades of senseless, and often nonsensical, bloodletting in recent memory.

Baek Jong-yeol ( The Beauty Inside) directs this follow-up to Lee Hae-young’s 2018 remake of Hong Kong filmmaker Johnnie To Kei-fung’s Drug War (2012), but even the franchise’s most attentive devotees will be left flailing to connect the dots in this turgid sequel.

Graciously, Believer 2 opens with a breathless recap of the first film’s pivotal events, and the sequel aims to fill in the blanks of what went down in the week between the first film’s violent climax and its mysterious Norway-set coda.

Suffice to say, police Captain Jo Won-ho (Cho Jin-woong) is still on the trail of the anonymous crime boss Mr. Lee, despite a number of different parties laying claim to the title.

Among these is Cha Seung-won’s Brian, who was left for dead following a brutal torture session at the hands of a duo of disabled chemists, again played by Kim Dong-young and Lee Joo-young. There is also Seo Young-rak, the gangster who reluctantly became Won-ho’s partner in the first film.