Wish is Disney's latest animated movie that has critics divided, but its box office success is still to be determined. With the film's budget confirmed, it is clear how much it will have to make in order to be a financial hit for Disney. Wish focuses on a girl named Asha trying to save her kingdom after her wish is answered by a ball of energy named Star. Ariana DeBose plays the lead character, with other notable names such as Chris Pine and Evan Peters among the Wish movie's cast. The film will be released almost exactly a year after Walt Disney Studios Animation's last release, Strange World.

Strange World also struggled critically and, more importantly, was a huge bomb for Disney, making back just $73.6 million of its $180 million budget. This continues a trend for the studio, with Disney's box office disasters looking increasingly common. Disney's struggling box office puts even more pressure on Wish to perform, especially as it has received a healthy budget despite recent financial failures. Disney could use a big box office hit, especially from their animated projects, and Wish is their next hope to turn these fortunes around. Whether they can pull it off remains to be seen, but Wish's budget and box office requirements are clear.

Wish's Budget Is Reportedly $200 Million

Asha surrounded by glowing orbs and looking amazed in Wish.

Wish has a reported budget of $200 million (via The Wrap). This is more than Strange World, meaning, despite the animated studio's recent failure, there is confidence they can turn things around. For an animated project, it is a large budget, although it's not uncommon for Disney to invest heavily in this department. It is what the studio became famous for, and despite having a plethora of live-action IPs, animation remains at the heart of what they do. The $200 million budget means Wish is one of the most expensive animated films of all time and proves to be a bit of a gamble.

While it is admirable that Disney's animation department is focusing on new IPs rather than sequels, investing this heavily into a new project after recent failures could come back to haunt them. Wish's eventual Disney Plus release will help add to its box office, as will the release on digital. This still might not be enough to it though, especially with criticism over the film's animation style not being the highest of quality. With a section of fans already apprehensive about Wish, it will be difficult to overcome the film's massive budget and make the movie a success.

Disney's Wish Needs To Make At Least $400 Million At The Box Office To Succeed

Chris Pine as King Magnifico Smirking in Wish

Disney's Wish will have to earn at least $400 million at the box office to be considered a financial success. With marketing fees and cinema costs still to be added to the budget, Wish will have to make around two times its production cost to break even. There are also digital, streaming, and merchandise sales to be considered, which will also make money for the film, but ultimately, its box office run will help determine how successful it is. Even if the movie could technically profit from these other factors, anything under the box office requirement won't make the studio much money in the long run.