Some fans got a chance to see a public test screening of The Marvels and shared their general thoughts on the upcoming MCU film.

Even though Season 2 of Loki is currently ruling Disney+, Marvel Studios will be instantly transitioning over to its record-breaking next installment, The Marvels, on Friday, November 10 when it officially hits theaters.Many fans are already wondering how the film will perform at the domestic and worldwide box offices, especially seeing as how it suffered the worst ticket pre-sales of any MCU entry post-COVID-19.

In a recent report from Variety, it was revealed that a public audience in Texas was given the opportunity to watch a test screening for The Marvels in June.

The report detailed that the viewers gave the film "middling reviews" after the screening was over, meaning that they generally didn't think it was necessarily great or poor, just somewhat average.This comes as a bit of a surprise as insider KC Walsh previously stated that The Marvels test screenings received nothing but "positive praise," especially when compared to other MCU films that have been released in 2023.

It is also important to note that Marvel Studios doesn't usually show test screenings of its movies to public audiences. Most of the time, those special showings are only given to Disney employees.Since it was revealed that a test screening audience gave "middling reviews" to The Marvels, many fans have to wonder if they will have the same opinion of it when it is released on Friday, November 10.

It is important to remember that this specific test screening took place sometime in June, around five months before its official release date.

In those five months, a lot of elements could have been polished up, and Marvel Studios could have taken the feedback that it received from the audience in order to make some adjustments to The Marvels to make it more enjoyable.

It is also crucial to point out that these reviews are subjective, just as any person's opinion of a movie or a TV show is. So just because the test screening audience didn't necessarily like or dislike the movie, it doesn't mean that it won't appeal to a large portion of viewers and/or fans.