My Daemon, Netflix’s exciting anime from Hirotaka Adachi and Thai animation studio Igloo, is coming to the streaming service in November 2023.

First announced at TUDUM in September 2022, we received our first look at My Daemon, although not much else was revealed about what we could expect at the time. It was announced at the TUDUM Japan presentation (at around the 16:40 mark), where they introduced the show with Netflix’s Anime account, following up the presentation with a Tweet and the first look design of the main protagonist:Off-late, Netflix has been constantly adding new animated series from all over the world. You can check out more about some new and upcoming animated films and series on Netflix, which we have earlier covered here. 

‘My Daemon’ the upcoming anime-influenced animated television series is scheduled to release on Netflix on 23 November 2023. The series is listed on Netflix’s ‘New Upcoming’ section, with a ‘Remind Me’ button, which you can activate to be notified when the series goes live.

‘My Daemon’ is directed by Nat Yoswatananont. The series is written by Hirotaka Adachi. My Daemon is produced by Thai-based production company Igloo Studio. The language of the series is Japanese.

The series was first announced during Netflix’s virtual event, Tudum, in September 2022. Netflix released the official trailer of the series on YouTube on November 10, 2023. Check the trailer of ‘My Daemon’ here.Premise: The series is set shortly where a nuclear explosion leads to a collision between Earth and Hell. Kento, an elementary student comes to terms with a small daemon creature called Anna. Kento raises Anna and the series follows their adventures as they embark on a journey to rescue Kento’s mother.

Cast: The series features the voices of Miyui Shimabukuro as Kento Tachibana, Cocoro Kikuchi as Anna, Fumiko Orikasa as Kaoru Tachibana, Ayane Sakura as Kaede, Shou Okumura as Igisu, Wataru Hatano as Kouya Kokonoe, Naoya Miyase as Kiriko Nanbu and Jouji Nakata as Genjiro Houjou.