One of the top actresses in the newer wave of Indian cinema, Tara Sutaria is adored for her beauty and range of skills. However, as early reactions to her upcoming thriller 'Apurva' begin to surface, the actress appears to have broken the mould to a whole new level with her portrayal of the lead role, bearing the entire weight of the picture on her own shoulders.

Since the opening scene of the movie, when viewers were taken aback to see the most exquisite and beautiful actress suddenly transform into a very raw and tough character, the actress has left quite an impression.

While moviegoers wait to see the movie on November 15th, the early reviews are only making them more excited to see Tara in a role that is heavily focused on performance and in a totally new avatar.

Recently the screening of the film was held for the press and media persons where many senior and credible journalists to trade analysts all saw the movie and one among them was the veteran trade analyst Komal Nahta. Having watched the film recently, he has shared his review of it on his social media handle and it's a complete treat for Tara fans as he wrote-

"Watched 'Apurva' today. Loved the film because it keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout! #TaraSutaria is brilliant in the first movie in which she plays the title role and such a powerful one at that! This girl has immense potential which is still to be tapped.”Responding to high praise from such a credible source, Tara Sutaria said,

Tara Sutaria has truly left the nation absolutely shocked with her raw and gritty avatar in the glimpses released of her solo-led film 'Apurva' which showcases her true potential as an actor.

Apurva helmed by Nikhil Nagesh Bhatt has Tara Sutaria shouldering the film while it also stars other talented cast like Abhishek Banerjee and Rajpal Yadav and is all set for release on a leading OTT platform from November 15th.