Following the tremendous success of Madonne Ashwin’s superhero film Maaveeran, Tamil actor Sivakarthikeyan is gearing up for his first film of 2024, R Ravikumar’s science fiction movie Ayalaan.

“This is a fantasy film – what happens when something extraordinary happens in everyday life? What would happen if an alien came into your normal life? The idea was interesting, and when I heard the story, it was exciting,” he recently told Hindustan Times about the project.

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“Ayalaan is made for kids, but it’s not a kiddish film – it is a film for adults as well. When you look at Hollywood superhero films, they are meant for all. Ayalaan is like that; though kids will find it more attractive. It’s a kid-friendly alien, which I think the kids will love. At every stage of the film, as we shot and added computer graphics (CG), the story evolved, and that was exciting. You need a lot of patience to make a film like this,” he added.

Despite completing Ayalaan’s filming in February 2020, Sivakarthikeyan explained that various reasons delayed its release until now. Nevertheless, he expressed satisfaction with the final product, stating, “I am convinced we have made the film we wanted – an entertaining film for the audience.”

Reflecting on his unconventional film choices, Siva said, “Initially, I was doing only commercial films, and they were all appreciated by the audience. My film market started to grow, and there was a minimum guarantee for my films. I was hesitant to experiment because I didn’t want my films’ business to be affected. Then I thought, why not give it a shot? My decisions on such scripts are instinctive – one aspect is that the audience should like it; the other is that it should give me scope for performance. I am very conscious that my producer should not suffer losses because of me.