Superstar Mahesh Babu has amped up the excitement among fans post the release of the trailer of Guntur Kaaram on Sunday evening, 8 January.

Meanwhile, fans are busy guessing how gripping the story of the big-budget film would be. However, he is the first review that is creating chaos in social media circles.Umair Sandhu, a critic (who also claims to be a member of the Overseas Censor Board), provided the first review of Guntur Karam on X.Guntur Kaaram trailer released. Mahesh Babu is getting ready to entertain movie lovers with Guntur Kaaram. The film directed by Trivikram Srinivas is releasing on 12 Jan 2024. The makers today released the power packed trailer of the film. "Guntur Kaaram" unveils its gripping tale with a captivating flashback, introducing us to the poignant narrative of an abandoned son entwined with the complex world of politics. The trailer kicks into high gear when Mahesh Babu storms in, setting the screen ablaze with electrifying action sequences, powerful blocks, and a mesmerizing display of body language. His charisma is elevated by Trivikram's razor-sharp one-liners, creating an irresistible blend that promises to captivate audiences, especially the youth, in every frame.

As the trailer unfolds, Mahesh Babu takes center stage, overshadowing all with his magnetic presence. The synergy between his on-screen prowess and Trivikram's witty dialogues becomes the heartbeat of the trailer, leaving an indelible mark on the viewer's mind. Thaman's background score adds the perfect rhythm, enhancing the overall cinematic experience.

According to the review, Mahesh Babu’s performance and the entertainment factor in the movie are impressive. Umair Sandhu also predicted a positive response from the mass audience.Guntur Kaaram‘s story has so much potential that it would shatter all box office records of major films in Telugu, the reviewer added.

Further, Umair Sandhu gave a rating of 3.5/5 to the film, saying it will create miracles this festival season at the box office.Soon after the first review of Guntur Kaaram went viral, a few netizens started trolling the reviewer, saying he was not a genuine reviewer and his reviews may not reflect the true merit of a film.

However, earlier, Umair Sandhu’s positive reviews brought joy to the fans of the respective movie heroes.Guntur Karam is set to hit the screens in another five days (on 12 January), and fingers are crossed over its box-office expectations.