After the death of the state’s CM, the politics in the state changes internally, and the names of Satya Priya (Nayanthara), the CM’s daughter, and Jayadev (Satya Dev), the CM’s son-in-law, are in consideration for the next CM candidate. Then, Brahma (Chiranjeevi) enters the scenario to keep all the political drama under control and takes charge of everything. Brahma and Jaya Dev go against each other, playing all sorts of mind games in politics. How Brahma becomes the true successor to the late CM and the state is the rest of the narrative of the political drama GodFather.

On-Screen Performances:

Chiranjeevi as Brahma is just terrific. With all his experience and age, Chiranjeevi makes the portrayal of Brahma on screen look like a simple cakewalk. Brahma suits the stardom and stature of Chiranjeevi perfectly, and the megastar just nails the character with his intense and authorised performance. The best beauty in Chiranjeevi’s performance is his delivery of dialogues with a special and unique attitude, which the character needs very much and which only Chiranjeevi can bring to the screen. The introduction and the climax scenes, the jail episode and Chiranjeevi’s scenes with Salman Khan are the special treats in GodFather to the mega fans.

Satya Dev as Jayadev is very brilliant as an antagonist. It is so tough to compete with Chiranjeevi in the opposite role at such a young age, but Satya Dev took that all as a challenge and pulled it off with ease. The jail episode between Satya Dev and Chiranjeevi is one of the best overall.

Nayanthara as Satya Priya is the perfect choice for the role. As we all know from the original, the character does not have much intensity, but it all plays with emotions. The same gets repeated in the remake too. There are not many changes for this role, and Nayanthara justifies everything in her space.

Salman Khan, with his star presence, just lights up the screen. It is a mega moment for the audience to watch these two megastars together on screen. The intermission episode gets better with the arrival of the Bhai.

Puri Jagannadh, as an investigative journalist, takes the responsibility of starting and narrating the political drama around him in the film. He is very comfortable on screen.

Off-Screen Highlights:

Mohan Raja kept the originality of Lucifer in GodFather with its story, but there are major changes in the screenplay of the film. While we have another actor as the successor to the political GodFather PKR in the original, here in the remake, the total scenario gets changed. Chiranjeevi himself is seen as the true successor, taking the entire political drama around him under his control. This is a huge change in the screenplay of the film, and Mohan Raja did it intentionally so as to uplift the hero, Chiranjeevi, in the character of Brahma. Actually, this change in the screenplay is a very brilliant move as the film is very much relatable to the commerciality of Telugu cinema without losing the originality of Lucifer and thereby bringing out the perfect balance between the story and the commercial servings.

Mohan Raja, along with the other writer, Satyanand, made sure that the stardom and mass image of Chiranjeevi got satisfied with the right episodes. All the mind-game scenes of the lead character in the first half are perfectly written to construct and elevate the lead character, while making the first half of the film a subtle political drama, sticking to the original story. At the same level as the first half, the second half of the film too is engaging and intense, with major changes in the screenplay. Introducing Salman Khan in the interval block itself is another star-packed episode and it is a brilliant move when compared to the original. The dialogues by Lakshmi Bhupala greatly assisted the character’s evolution and elevation.

Thaman S is in the top gear from the very beginning of the film. Right from Chiru’s introduction scene, Thaman keeps his spirits in the background on a high note, and there is never a look back till the climax. The title BGM of GodFather is the best among all the soundtracks. Thaman also gave some timely elevation scores to Chiranjeevi. Among songs, the Thaar Maar Thakkar Maar mass beat is a celebration in theatres. Najabajajajara will also be loved by everyone since it adds a lot of power to an intense action scene.

The rest of the technical departments are all good. A special mention goes to the costume and makeup departments for bringing the stylish looks to Chiranjeevi while still showing him as an aged character in the film.