Praveen Sattaru directs The Ghost. He has been making movies for a decade, but it was only through PSV Garudavega that he gained widespread recognition. The Ghost also belongs to a similar action thriller genre, resulting in good buzz for the movie. Looking at the opening block of The Ghost, one definitely feels that there is a genuine action thriller on cards by Praveen Sattaru. Unfortunately, the dream is short-lived, and none other than Praveen Sattaru is to be blamed. Praveen Sattaru has been dabbling in various genres since the beginning of his career. He cracks the formula and then fills the script with details related to the formula. All his films show similar patterns, which has worked for a few of them. But, when it comes to The Ghost, he has failed spectacularly. The biggest issue with The Ghost is missing nativity. 

Apart from Nagarjuna, there is nothing to hold the attention to. The setting, the relationship beats, the personal problem pertaining to the hero, and everything looks very derivative. What works amidst them is the action scenes. Two action blocks stand out, one at the beginning and another during the flashback. But, apart from them, nothing engages. The artists, setup, and execution lack the realism required to have the impact. The action scenes without any foundation don’t work. Even a slick action thriller isn’t exempted. We have a couple of examples recently where the emotions were blended wonderfully. The same doesn’t happen between the kid and Nagarjuna in The Ghost. 

Vikram (Nagarjuna), an ex-interpol cop who has been in the dark for a while, gets back into the limelight to help his sister Anu (Gul Panag) from some danger. He starts the mission to save his niece (Anikha Surendran) from danger and investigates the baddies behind this threat. How Vikram, The Ghost, known for shaking the underworld, eliminates the dangerous opposition of his sister and saves them is the rest of the narrative of The Ghost.

On-Screen Performances:

Nagarjuna is always in these kinds of officer/agent roles. It was evident from Gaganam and Wild Dog in the past. It is proved once again with The Ghost today. He is absolutely terrific as Vikram, the interpol cop. Nagarjuna’s intensity in the action sequences, particularly in the flashback episode, is the real treat. It’s all Nagarjuna’s show since the film just revolves around him and his action.

Sonal Chauhan gets a very important role in the film. She not only shares the romantic scenes with Nagarjuna, but her major purpose in the film is to assist the king, The Ghost, in the action sequences.

Gul Panag and Anikha Surendran, as mother and daughter to each other, are good in their roles.

Off-Screen Highlights:

The first half of The Ghost mostly focuses on the scenes between Nagarjuna and his niece Anikha. There are a lot of emotions between Vikram and his family, and they are all explored in detail in the first half itself. Well, there is no lack of action here. There are timely action scenes from Praveen Sattaru and Nagarjuna nailed them at  his best, providing the audience with the action entertainment they expect from this action thriller. The pre-interval episode is very engaging, and the interval block is a great blast. The second half of The Ghost has much more action when compared to the first half. The real action treat is served in the flashback of Vikram, where he goes after the underworld and shakes the entire mafia, including kidnappers, murderers, and gangsters.

Nagarjuna’s introduction scene in the Arabian desert is just shining. The intro is very well pictured. The interval block where The Ghost is revealed is also set well so as to provide enough thrills for the audience. The entire action-packed flashback episode is the best highlight of the film.

Praveen Sattaru makes his mark mostly in direction rather than writing. The plot is simple. After years of hiding, an ex-Interpol agent emerges to save his step-sister and niece from danger. It is so clear with a simple story and a few emotions. But the presentation of the story wins the game here. It’s all the action designed and presented around the lead character. The word The Ghost is perfectly justified by Praveen Sattaru. Such a powerful way he has presented Nagarjuna. The experimental action sequences are just brilliant. Praveen Sattaru is the best in recent times among those who made full use of Nagarjuna’s intensity, particularly in the action scenes.

Not only does the story feel alien, lacking nativity to the audience, but we also have elevations that feel too over the top and dilute the impact of the thin wafer story, which is already an issue. The climax after all that happens, the twists along the way, nothing adds up to make an impact. There are good shots, some excellent BGM work, and nice action, but nothing comes together as a whole to leave one impressed. Overall, The Ghost is a wasted opportunity considering the resources at disposal. A couple of action scenes and Nagarjuna are all that movie has to grab attention, and they are not enough.