Fans are concerned that Blue Beetle might end up just like The Flash.

Let’s admit it, the DC Universe has been on a roller coaster ride with its movies. While some have been hits, others haven't quite hit the mark. A question that is currently on everyone’s lips: is the upcoming Blue Beetle going to be something special, or is it another flop?

The story of Blue Beetle revolves around Jaime Reyes, who discovers an ancient relic of alien biotechnology, transforming him into the superhero, Blue Beetle.

The film is already receiving rave reviews. The film's cast, which includes Xolo Maridueña and George Lopez, is receiving praise for their stellar performances. The emphasis on family and support from loved ones is making this film a standout in the DC franchise.

Brandon Davis from ComicBook highlights the film's fun factor and the excellent Latino representation. Steven Weintraub from Collider commends the director, Angel Manuel Soto, for adding his unique flavor to the superhero genre, focusing on family and Latino culture.

Generally, reviews seem positive, but fans don’t seem to believe them. A Reddit discussion, sarcastically titled “Another DC hit, how can Marvel even stand a chance,” got fans debating.

One user humorously commented on the film being a step down from the first reactions to The Flash, which were overwhelmingly positive. This refers to the initial reviews of The Flash which raised expectations too much. As you may know, The Flash didn't exactly get a warm reception when it came out.

Fans are now getting worried that Blue Beetle will repeat the fate of The Flash. Many fans find it difficult to believe these reviews given that sometimes, they are not really accurate.There's a mix of genuine excitement and sarcastic disbelief regarding Blue Beetle among the fans. It's hard to believe that DC has produced another flop, but it’s equally hard to believe it will be a hit.

Marvel is facing some issues lately, especially with flops like the Secret Invasion series on Disney Plus. On the other hand, DC doesn't seem to be making the most of this situation and is putting out projects that raise some serious doubts.

But let’s not jump to conclusions and wait for the release of the movie. Blue Beetle is coming out on August 18, 2023.