The trailer for the intriguing new web series Choona has made quite a splash, with Jimmy Sheirgill starring as a formidable political figure. As the plot thickens, a crew comprising Aashim Gulati, Vikram Kochhar and other characters conspire to pull off a heist against him.

Jimmy Sheirgill lights up the screen in the new series Choona, portraying a politician with a masterful understanding of astrology, while an unlikely gang plots to seize his colossal wealth of ₹800 crore. The big question is, can they pull it off? Additional related content: Aashim Gulati shares insights on portraying Naseeruddin Shah’s offspring in Taj: ‘My acting school came to me by itself’

What the Choona trailer is all about

The trailer, spanning over two and a half minutes, kicks off with the portrayal of Jimmy Sheirgill as the ambitious Chief Minister Shukla, boasting of having control over his destiny. Aashim Gulati, known for his role in Taj, declares his readiness to sacrifice his life for Sheirgill’s character.

Simultaneously, a faction of individuals plots to inflict ‘emotional pain’ on Shukla and contrive to snatch his ₹300 crore as part of their vendetta. With Shukla stationed at the RTO office fortified by tight security, executing the heist seems to be a herculean task. There is a humorous scene where Vikram Kochhar of Sacred Games fame is instructed to exit via a window on a zip line, to which he quips, “Hey bro, I am not Tom Cruise.”

The trailer also features quick snapshots of Chandan Roy, Namit Das, Gyanendra Tripathi, Atul Srivastava, Monika Panwar, and Niharika Lyra Dutt.

Jimmy Sheirgill on Choona

On discussing his involvement in the show, Jimmy Shergill said, “Being a part of a show that is helmed by an accomplished director like Pushpendra Nath Misra and features a stellar cast, while being broadcasted on Netflix is a thrilling experience. The show’s narrative is lively and culturally enriching, making it a must-watch. My character, Shukla, is astute and shrewd. His unpredictable nature keeps everyone guessing about his reactions. Outsmarting Shukla, particularly in his domain, isn’t a simple task. Does Shukla eventually get swindled? Stay tuned!”

Choona director talks about show

Director Pushpendra Nath Misra described Choona as grand and distinctive, ingrained with quintessential Indian elements like astrology and jugaad, offering a mix of action, drama, romance, thrill, and humor. He asserted, “Choona signifies the might of the ordinary man. He also added, “Filming over 100 days and incorporating a significant amount of VFX, Choona has been a passion project for Netflix and us. The ensemble cast has been fantastic to work with. Their performances complemented each other, and they’ve put in remarkable efforts to embody the spirit of Choona perfectly. Choona is a show to binge-watch; it’s an eight-course feast that once sampled, needs to be devoured at once.”