Taiwan’s smash-hit horror comedy Marry My Dead Body is heading to Netflix. The streamer has acquired worldwide rights to the film and will release it Aug. 10.

Centered around the Chinese tradition of the “ghost marriage” and incorporating elements of fantasy, supernaturalism and LGBTQ issues, Marry My Dead Body has taken Taiwan by storm since its release in February, earning $11.5 million (NTD 360 million) and claiming the territory’s top spot for Chinese-language films for the first half of 2023. It won the best screenplay award at the 25th Taipei Film Festival last Saturday and was also nominated for best actor and best visual effects. 

Directed by Cheng Wei-hao, Marry My Dead Body tells the story of Wu Ming-Han (Hsu Kuang Han), a straight policeman who is homophobic and afraid of ghosts. While collecting evidence for a case, he accidentally picks up a red envelope and is forced to marry Mao Pang-Yu (Austin Lin), who died under mysterious circumstances. The duo must work through their differences and join forces to solve the case, seeking justice for Mao and embarking on a ludicrous and tear-inducing journey together. Gingle Wang co-stars as a policewoman. 

Marry My Dead Body was produced by Calendar Studios and premiered at the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival last November. 

When homophobic police detective Ming-han (Greg Hsu Kuang-han) is coerced into a ghost marriage with a recently deceased young man (Austin Lin Po-hung) in Marry My Dead Body, it’s not immediately clear whether he’s more afraid of his betrothed because he’s a ghost or because he’s gay.

Over the course of Taiwanese director Cheng Wei-hao’s energetic and well-intentioned action comedy, Ming-han sees the error of his ways, and emerges as a queer-positive pillar of the community, but it’s a bumpy road to redemption.

The supernatural same-sex nuptials couldn’t have come at a worse time for the cop. Ming-han has just been demoted back to patrolman – where he must work the beat with a criminally underused Gingle Wang Ching – for fouling up a high-stakes drug bust, when he picks up a seemingly innocuous red packet.