After starting its box office journey with historic numbers, the collections of Vijay-starrer Leo have dropped significantly on the second day. The Lokesh Kanagaraj film collected Rs 140 crore worldwide gross on its opening day, and made Rs 64.8 crore nett in India, but on the second day, this number has dropped to Rs 36 crore, as per industry tracker Sacnilk. The drop in the collections is around 44%.

The gross collections in India started with Rs 74 crore, but on the second day, Vijay’s film could only make Rs 42.50 crore. The film’s collections are leading in Tamil Nadu since that is the primary market for Vijay. Leo made Rs 24 crore gross in TN, and in Andhra Pradesh-Telangana and Kerala, the film made Rs 6 crore gross each. In Karnataka, the number stood at Rs 4.50 crore gross. Leo’s domestic nett collection has crossed the Rs 100 crore mark in just two days.

This drop in collections could be attributed to the lukewarm reaction of the audience. Although, it is yet to be seen if the film can pick up its pace in the upcoming weekend. Leo went through its share of troubles before release. From objections on its poster to the cancellation of the audio launch event, Leo has been surrounded by controversy. Despite the cancellation of early morning shows in Tamil Nadu, the film managed to have a big opening day and while it seemed like the film had beaten Rajinikanth’s Jailer on its first day, it remains to be seen if Leo can match Jailer’s momentum. The Rajinikanth film made Rs 604.25 crore worldwide gross through its lifetime and became the highest Tamil grosser of the year.

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Until now, it seemed like Leo was a part of Lokesh Kangaraj’s LCU, which includes Vikram and Kaithi, and now that the film is out, the audience has discovered what holds these films together. SPOILER ALERT. It is now certain that Leo is indeed a part of the LCU. It is clearly established in the film that the events of Leo take place after the events of Kaithi and Vikram.

The young director may not be at the peak of his prowess as an action filmmaker in <i>Leo</i> - the film flags appreciably in the second half and tends to make heavy weather of piecing together of the past and the present of the storyline - Lokesh Kanagaraj knows how to keep the narrative on the boil with a characteristic complement of action blocks and the occasional harking back to characters and situations from his earlier films. It is a universe that he is building, remember.

Leo kicks off with two attacks one after the other. In the opening sequence, vicious gangsters (led by a ruthless man played by Mysskin) raid a government official's home and leave behind a horrific trail of blood. That burst of violence is followed by the terror that a spotted hyena sparks in the small Himachal Pradesh town in which the film is set.  The rampage by the ferocious beast paves the way for the lead actor's rousing entry. Pure Lokesh Kanagaraj - he leaves no space for a breather between the two attacks and sets the tone for what is to come.

The hero, Parthiban (Vijay), who runs a coffee shop in Theog and appears to live uneventfully with his wife Sathya (Trisha) and two children, gives the gangsters their just desserts - bullets aimed at their foreheads - when they threaten his little daughter and an employee (in another high-octane action sequence). But he rescues, tames and befriends the animal.